Varicose vein surgery with quick recovery
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Varicose vein removal in 45 minutes


Why sonar guiding?

Pre-operative screening with ultrasound is routinely done at initial consultation by Dr Rademan. Pathological reflux areas are then confirmed and noted and the procedure can then be planned accordingly.

Intra-operative ultrasound allows the surgeon to accurately establish the junction of the superficial venous system with the deep system.
The RAF catheter can then be safely placed at least 2.5 cm from the junction. Perforating veins and big side branches are identified during the procedure with ultrasound if not marked pre-operatively. Tumescent anaesthesia, to isolate the vein and catheter, is infiltrated under ultrasound guidance.

After completion of the procedure the closure of the treated vein is confirmed by ultrasound and Doppler imaging.